Offering a durable range of Laboratory Glassware and Complete Pathological Lab Items And Surgical Goods at reasonable rates...

Offering a durable range of Laboratory Glassware and Complete Pathological Lab Items And Surgical Goods at reasonable rates...

About Us

One of the important requirements in the field of medical practitioners is of pathology equipment. Therefore our company is among them who provide these kind of equipment with introduced market innovation. The company Cosmo Scientific Traders is in the industry since 1965 with whole professionalism and experience. We have been working in various sectors among which is manufacturing glass slides, cover slips, etc. Our work is continued till today just because of our proper way of work according to customer's need and for their satisfaction. We are working with excellency in the industry as Manufacturer, Importer and Supplier. Our company is located in Delhi but the services are provided all over the country.

The products we provide are Glass Slides, Cover Slips, Scientific Lab Glassware and Complete Pathological Lab Items with Surgical Goods. Our company does this work with whole safety and hygiene which is most important for medical use tools. Medical equipment are required all the time as without it no procedure would be completed therefore we deliver our products on time as desired by the customer.

Cosmo Scientific Lab Glassware

Complete range of our glassware for labs is made from finest grade borosilicate or quartz glass that is having capability to withstand high temperature. Each and every glassware includes high percentage of borosilicate glassware that aids to withstand boiling temperature without any crack or other physical defect. Our variety of glass is resists chemicals and always meets ISO standards. Some other specifications of Lab Glassware manufactured by us are listed below:

  • Only quality certified weights are used
  • All products are highly resistive to thermal shocks
  • Each glassware is admired for its excellent transparency and excellent optical clarity
  • We offer products in various sizes and capacities whether in lab size or custom size.


Corner the market through quality, client satisfaction and innovation in field of laboratory glassware industry.


Provide exceptional products and services as the basic foundation of our organization and continually strive to exceed expectations of clients by offering every order with operational excellence.


Customer Satisfaction, Innovation, Teamwork, Excellence, Honesty & Integrity.

Certification Details

Our company has explored itself everywhere in the field of pathological lab items and surgical goods. Therefore, it has been tremendously appreciated and praised by everyone who knows the quality of our products. Our company had firstly got Swiss certification for the best Quality Management System by ISO 9001:2000. And, secondly by PCMS for the same by ISO 9001:2008. Therefore, we keep the quality as our priority so that the customer would not suffer by any issue. 

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